Steven Simon (Portrait)


Title:  ‘Steven Simon‘ – A portrait of a well-known aboriginal painter and musician.

Date:  2012

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size:  760 x 610 mm

Freight is included Australia wide and the painting will be delivered by Australia Post or the international freight company ‘Pack & Send’, Cairns.

For overseas deliveries please enquire



Portrait of Steven Simon

Steven Simon is a descendant from the Lama Lama and Kuku Taipan tribe from the Musgrave and Coen areas of Cape York, Queensland, Australia, but grew up in Oak Forest, Kuranda (near Cairns, Queensland), where he lived all his life.
He is a famous didgeridoo player, musician and dancer, but mostly known for his aboriginal paintings.
Steven learnt his culture and art from his grandfather Jack Harrigan and father Jerry Harrigan who was a black tracker and medicine man.
Steven says: “I love my culture; it keeps me strong and alive today. I share my artwork based on the knowledge that in my life I have been culturally fortunate. I also share my culture through music and dance. My paintings always depict Indigenous life and their strong connection to, tradition, totems and land.”
His artworks are done in acrylic paints using mainly ochre colours of yellow, red, black and white.
Steven’s aboriginal name is ‘Guturru’ which means ‘Kangaroo’.I