Toni Rogers

I am passionate about natural fibres and the hand woven. I marry sustainability, design and tradition with a low key palette and a light hearted approach. I love the playfulness of working with many different materials.

The response to the land, it’s flora and fauna, has facilitated this process and the unique blend of cultures has provided a large design vocabulary from which I am able to work.

My fibre work provides me with material evidence of this land, where I am from, and my growth as an individual.

My artwork invites questions, interpretations, and interacts with the viewer and the environment.

My “Travelling series” designs challenge the viewer’s notion of text and their interpretation of this ancient means of communication. Symbols that are interpreted purely as communication detract from the beauty of the text, it’s symbolism, rhythm and flow. I have applied this design concept much of my artwork and the designs make reference to text, in turn the language of a tribal journey.

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