Ron Clark

I’m a Cairns born local with a passion for the fascinating medium of watercolour.

The transparency, the vividness of color, the effects of water and pigment on paper, the textures that can be created, make watercolour a very powerful medium for artistic expression, with very suggestive results, sometimes even accidental, unexpected, and surprising!

Do it wet in wet, trying to suggest rather than to explain, seeking to create atmosphere, trying to capture only the essence of places and things.

Watercolour invites the artist not to conform, to keep searching, to experiment with color, light, strokes, shapes … to let the watercolour flow on paper, to embark on an exciting adventure, full of risks, but also of emotion.

The mystery, simplicity and freedom excite me….elusive, incomplete, uncomplicated, uncluttered, fresh, underworked, unrestrained, at times out of control!



Ron Clark


Phone: 0406 879 851

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