Bronnie Warburton

Growing up in Adelaide I attended Art School for a few years majoring in printmaking before realizing I wanted to “see the world”.

Hence I traveled and lived in many countries on many continents where I learnt about and from many cultures. I saw how people reflected their landscapes with vibrancy and rhythm, but it is animals and their secret worlds that have always held my interest the most.
I returned to Australia and completed my B.A. in Fine Arts Painting and Applied Design before traveling and working in the middle East and India.
In 2012 I settled in Cairns where for the past couple of years I have been a member of gem clubs learning silversmithing.
Both my painting and jewellery depict real and legendary creatures which I hope stir up as much fun and magic for you, the audience, as they do for me.





name: Bronnie Warburton


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