Catherine Harvey

Catherine Harvey

Born in England in 1955 and emigrating to Australia at the age of 23, Catherine is a self-taught lampworker specialising in glass beads and small sculptures. She works from her studio in Kuranda and markets her work through the Kuranda Arts Co-operative, Facebook and at the monthly Tanks Markets in Cairns.

The history of lampworking dates back to over 5000 years where beads were not just used as decoration but also as a kind of money. Today, lampworking has become popular among both hobbyists and professional glass artists.

“Throughout my life I have experimented with different crafts including fabric and silk painting, collecting recycled timber to make frames, clocks and mirrors and raffia hat making.

I discovered the pleasure of using a flame and soft glass to create beads and decided to focus on developing my skills in this medium. As well as using Murano soft glass I also recycle bottles to turn the coloured glass into beads.”


Catherine Harvey
Mob: 0407 758 645

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