Lisa Capon

Lisa moved to Far North Queensland in 2006 from her home town of Adelaide. She creates her work in two states: in the Adelaide Hills, and in her Far North Studio on 5 inspiring acres nestled on the dividing line of the tropical rainforest and the dry Eucalypt forest. The natural beauty and wondrous flora and fauna of both these places provide a constant source of inspiration and distraction.

 Lisa’s work is hand crafted. she works with traditional jewellery making tools: a jeweller’s saw, files, hammers, pliers, vices, blocks of wood and steel, emery paper and polishing compounds to produce beautiful, well finished, timeless pieces.

She loves colour and is currently a bit obsessed with Titanium, a reactive metal that can be coloured by exposing it to anodizing: exposing it to electricity in an electrolytic bath, or heating it with a torch. Both these processes cause the metal to oxidise and as the molecules of the oxide layer become thicker, light entering the oxide layer and light striking the metal below refract at different angles. The light wavelengths either cancel each other out or combine and the refracted light is seen as colour.





Name: Lisa Capon


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