William Wakefield

william wakefield artist

William is mainly self taught but did spend around a year in Florence at the Angel Academy of Art. He paints in Oils and Watercolour. William spent his working career in silk screen printing and printed everything from posters and
t-shirts to mirrors and baseball caps.

Born in South Africa, William grew up in Zimbabwe or Rhodesia as it was called then. His mother taught him lino cut printing, which started a lifelong career in silkscreen printing. Leaving Rhodesia as a refugee he landed in London William moved to Melbourne with his family in 2004. Being exposed to the art world through his printing career, he took up oil and watercolour painting. Since then he has been developing his art and has recently moved to Kuranda where he is setting up an art studio for painting and print.






name William Wakefield
Website: www.2i.com.au
Email: william@2i.com.au
Phone:   0438 031 384


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