Please join us for the opening reception of Woolgathering at Purple Noon Gallery, 6:00pm on Saturday 8th September 2018. Very excited and happy  to welcome North Queensland artist Susan Doherty to the Hawkesbury. And also, Australian Film Producer Penny Chapman, who will give a short address and officially open the show. The artwork is fabulous! All welcome! See you

My sculptural practice pursues the re-purposing of found objects.
This has been a constant in my work, bringing attention to what we discard as rubbish, changing the useless to the meaningful, making small comments on our consumer world.
Techniques I use are often unconventional, and are always evolving. My journey of collecting and creating artwork pays homage to a playful joy of making, and using visuals in sharing stories.
Combining the organic and manmade in blending stitching, weaving, and wrapping is a signature of my art practice.
Much of my inspiration comes from the natural world and the immense variety and beauty of the Australian bush.


I live in the rainforest of north Queensland Australia.
      Communication through art is a driving force in my  life. My influences are many. e.g. Tom Risley, Rosalie Gascoigne and Fred Williams Magdalena Abakanowicz, Anthony Gormley Andy Goldsworthy.
      Chosen materials are varied, often combining soft and hard, man made and organic.
      Consumerism within our society is often forefront in my dialogue.  MY art practice is often unconventional and always changing. My works are always a “one off ” and original.