Seedpod #2


Hand built porcelain pod forms with layered images and a rattle inside. Silver and mica decals are applied to catch the light.

SIZE 12 cm D x 6.5 cm H x 6.5 W

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Seeds are a powerhouse of immense energy and potential. Their simple forms conceal extraordinary narratives of great complexity, with measured development over millennia. Developing a group of related forms, I have used multilayered surfaces to convey an array of possibilities and link each individual to a composite story.  Collaged images, the minutiae of life cycles and existence are transferred onto the surface between the layers of slips, engobes, washes and glazes. The surfaces are built up and eroded intuitively over multiple firings to create depth, illusion and integration of image, surface and form. In this process underlying layers are revealed suggesting a sense of time. Sized to fit in the hand, attention is given to engaging tactile senses as well as visual.