Sandy Hablethwaite


I live and work in Kuranda in Far North Queensland. I love living in the tropics with the extremes of temperature and the unpredictability of the weather.

In the same way I love working with clay where the outcomes can also be unpredictable. I have a BA and a Diploma in Visual Arts and have taught and given workshops for many years. The fascination of the variety of clays, the surface treatments and firing techniques along with the outcomes continually inspire and excite me. Hand building is my forte especially vessels with eclectic shapes and sizes.

I am passionate about sculpture and the way the characters evolve during the process of making them. The option of mixed media and found objects to enhance them is an added excitement.

I feel I am always learning there is so much to explore and I always look forward to losing myself when I get studio time.


Sandy Hablethwaite
Instagram: @beach_ceramics

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