Pam Schultz 

Growing up in Melbourne, Pam was surrounded by her grandmother’s paintings. Perhaps it was ‘in the genes’ or her eye for detail, but Pam was destined to become an artist. She studied fine art at Monash University but ended up being employed as a textile artist in Melbourne.

“I designed textile patterns and took them to the UK, hoping for employment. Instead, I became an illustrator for an animation studio in London.”

Since Pam started exhibiting her art in North Queensland in 1982, she has won multiple awards for her paintings (see

Pam took a break from professional artist to return to university during 2000 to 2011, and studies in archaeology and anthropology, she finally became an environmental scientist with a PhD.

“Now I concentrate on portraiture, choosing ecologists who work in conservation”

Pam’s recent works have been finalists at the Stanthorpe Art Prize and the Homes Prize for Realistic Bird paintings. In 2019, she received 1st Prize in the Artist’s of the North exhibition.

Pam Schultz



Name  Pam Schultz
Mob: 0400740652



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